Wake me run run

Get up, Betty.

For people who like to set an alarm to go run in the morning, Beijing can be a bit of a disappointment. Wake Me Run Run checks the pollution level before deciding to wake you up. If the pollution is higher than the threshold you set, it lets you sleep a little longer. The idea for this app came from a friend, who asked me to help with sound design, animation and to give some UX advice.

I recorded several fun alarms for waking up to go running and for waking up 'normally', and also created two data visualizations so users could keep track of the amount of extra minutes of sleep that Wake Me Run Run had given them, and how many times they had gone on a run.

Wake up to run!
run run
Sleep longer when the air isn't great
run run
Keep track of runs and extra sleep

We got some good press coverage, Runner's world China amongst others...