3D Hubs

“What I love about Studio Tony is that they think like a startup, just like us. They use their creativity and hands-on approach to provide an amazing video with limited resources. We have received countless compliments on this from our community!”

— Bram de Zwart, 3D Hubs CEO

At the time we shot this video, 3D Hubs was a couple months old and didn’t have a lot of resources. The deadline for the ‘graduation’ of their startup accelerator was rapidly approaching. By using what was available for free (natural light instead of studio lights where possible, shooting at one of the founders’ apartments instead of renting a location, etc) and working quickly we managed to narrow down, storyboard, shoot and edit the video that helped put them on the map and eventually secure their first big round of investment.

The goal of this video was threefold:

Featured on Forbes, The Next Web, Fastcoexist among others.