I believe good design is about understanding, and designing for, human beings. Creating great products or services is all splendid and what not, but ultimately, products are tools. Tools to help human beings accomplish a goal or share a meaningful experience.

Download my resume, find out what I think about UX, and view some of my work below.

Gather Health

Gather Health is an international healthcare technology company focused on empowering chronic disease patients to improve their health. As head of design, I translated business and user needs into useful features and products that are easy to use and understand.

Studio Tony

Studio Tony is an online storytelling agency that I started in 2010, together with a designer friend. I did lots of short explainer videos under the banner of Studio Tony. We looked for companies with great ideas but difficulty explaining them to potential investors or customers. I came in contact with a lot of great ideas. See two of them below:

3D Hubs

3D Hubs connects people who want to 3D print something with 3D printer owners. They needed a short story to pitch their service to potential investors, customers and 3D printer owners.

project image

NHLO: Beating gravity

NHLO boasts a fantastic technology that makes objects virtually weightless. As this is not a claim easily supported nor explained, we created an animation to give this claim the necessary weight.


Seriousness is the translation of my first name into English. It's also my freelance design company. I used to do a lot of webdesign and -development for clients, but these days it's mainly small side projects for fun, learning, and exploration.

project image

Genius Design Quotes

A Chrome extension that shows you a beautifully crafted quote from a design genius every day, every time you open a new tab.

project image

Wake Me Run Run

UX design, sound design and animation for an iOS app that wakes you up if the sky is clear and lets you sleep longer if there is bad pollution.

project image

Trolls of the West

An animated web-comic about Hugo Chávez and his anti-Western stance (story by Simon van Woerden), nominated for two CSS Design awards.